Shower Caddy - Review


I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite products to review, I have not stopped using the shower caddy since I had received it!!
love this Shower Caddy! It is perfect and big enough to hold many products. I was able too fit in 1 large shampoo bottle & 1 Conditioner Bottle, 2 Body washes, a vast variety of hair products, Like Hair Serum, BB Cream for hair and more! I loved how deep the pockets and the inside of the caddy is HUGE! When I received the caddy it came with a complimentary loofah! I used this product while I went to the gym, yoga and Pilates classes, it made toting all my shower neccessities simpler. But I also didn't hesitate to use this shower caddy in my home. This Caddy is durable, made with sustainable materials, and double stitching to ensure it doesn't fray or tear . The handle was the perfect size, The handle wasn't too long and it wasn't too short it was actually the perfect size for me to carry around everything that I had stored inside of the Caddy. The Caddy isn't completely waterproof however you can still take it in the shower with you the mesh pockets will actually make drying time a lot easier if you do get the Caddy wet. The mesh is quick drying to ensure no mold grows on the bag or contents! I lke that this bag was easy to store, it folded perfectly, and it did not collapse when the bag was empty.

 < look at all of that room! This bag packs a ton of stuff!

Please note the shower caddy was received for free in exchange for a completely honest and unbiased review, my opinions may differ from yours.


Gramom said...

Neat idea.. I could see me using this.

hg said...

I know this is an old post but I found you by googling "shower caddy" - I have never seen a "soft" type of caddy so thanks for the review- I may have to try this...